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17 August 2004

This weekend we descended on sunny Brighton and met up with a bunch of other web-minded geeks for some sun, sea, sangrias and strippers. No, wait. Sun and sea. And general geekery.

Met up with Andy, Dunstan, Jeremy, Jessica, Jon, Patrick, and Richard all for the first time in person. Whilst I’d interacted with most of these guys quite a bit online perviously, it’s amazing how being able to put a voice and a bunch of mannerisms to a name and a face really enriches subsequent communication. Meet a geek – it’s recommended, and mostly they don’t bite.

Jon has a big picture, and Jeremy has very much the lowdown. Props to Andy for his organisational skillz. Boh.

- Drew McLellan


  1. § Jesse: Which one is you in that photo?
  2. § Drew McLellan: The one that says ‘Drew: All in the Head’ when you hover over it.


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