Everyone has an about page. It’s how you know what someone’s all about. I’m all about the about. Mmm metadata. So here follows some of that, beginning with one of those awkward third-person biographies.

Awkward third-person biography

Drew McLellan has been hacking on the web since around 1996 following an unfortunate incident with a margarine tub. Since then he’s spread himself between both front- and back-end development projects, and now works as a Web Developer for edgeofmyseat.com in Maidenhead, UK. Prior to this, Drew was a Web Developer for Yahoo!, and before that primarily worked as a technical lead within design and branding agencies for clients such as Nissan, Goodyear Dunlop, Siemens/Bosch, Caburys, ICI Dulux and Virgin.net. Somewhere along the way, Drew managed to get himself embroiled with Dreamweaver and was made an early Macromedia Evangelist for that product. This lead to book deals, public appearances, fame, glory, and his eventual downfall.

Picking himself up again, Drew is now a strong advocate for best practises, and is currently a Group Lead for the Web Standards Project. He has had articles published by A List Apart, Macromedia, and O’Reilly Media’s XML.com, mostly due to mistaken identity. Drew is a proponent of the lower-case semantic web, and is currently expending energies in the direction of the microformats movement, with particular interests in making parsers an off-the-shelf commodity and developing simple UI conventions. He blogs here at all in the head and, with a little help from his friends, at 24ways.

About this site

This is a personal site, in a weblog format. Every week month or so I post something that I’ve been thinking about or relates to what I’m working on, and then we all have a little chat about it. We share ideas. It’s a fun activity to engage in, it helps me keep writing, and it prevents my brain from idling. You have to think to have ideas. This site helps me to think.

I’ve been publishing here since March 2003, and before that at DreamweaverFever.com.

Contacting Drew

By all means feel free to drop me a line. However, if you need help with something I’ve published I can’t guarantee I’m going to have time to look at it. As I have said before, my name is Drew, and this is my domain, allinthehead.com. You’ll have to figure it out from there. I’m also on AIM as drewinthehead.

What is this?

This is the personal web site of Drew McLellan - a web developer, author, and no good swindler from the UK.