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10 Cost Effective Web Development Techniques

At the end of last week I caught the Eurostar out to Brussels to present at the very first conference in Leuven. This was my first visit to Belgium, and my first time presenting “10 Cost Effective Web Development Techniques”, so it was a pretty fun trip all round. I’ve put the slides up on SlideShare, which didn’t translate perfectly (beware ugly ampersands), but give a flavour.

The lineup for the conference was excellent, and it was good to meet up with familiar faces like Brian, Elliot, Glenn, Aral and Chris as well as meet so many new people. The organisers did a really great job for a brand new conference, and were excellent hosts – thanks guys.

While in Belgium I took the opportunity to be a tourist for the weekend and explored Brussels (including an awesome gay pride parade!) and then kicked back to watch Eurovision on Saturday evening. Congratulations Norway. Photos of the conference and Brussels to follow, I’m sure.