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Easing The Path From Design to Development

Earlier this month, I ran a half day workshop at Future of Web Design London on the subject of easing the path from design to development. The premise was that lots of people experience difficulty and even conflict at this point in projects, which can cause substantial derailments.

As a company who work providing development services to primarily design agencies and startups, this is an area we deal with day to day, and I think one that we’re pretty good at making as smooth as possible. So I was pleased to put something together on this subject when the guys at Carsonified asked if I could run a workshop.

At 3.5 hours, there’s a lot of material which doesn’t make much sense as a deck of slides without the commentary. I had over 600 slides. Instead of putting all those up on slideshare, I figured it would be more useful to publish the outline I created the slides from. Outline: Easing the Path from Design to Development

Thanks to the guys at Carsonified for asking me to contribute – FOWD London 2009 was a really great event.