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HTML and Web Standards Training

Since we began running our CSS beginners course last year, we’ve had a number of requests for an entry-level course on using HTML and web standards principals in general. It makes sense, as a working knowledge of basic HTML is really needed to take full advantage of the instruction we offer on CSS. So we’ve put one together.

It’s a one-day course in which we’ll be covering all the basics of HTML 4, XHTML and briefly looking forward at the upcoming HTML 5. We’ll cover the principals of semantic markup, the separation of content, structure and presentation, the fundamentals of progressive enhancement and even microformats. Delegates will discover the impact of markup on SEO and Accessibility, and learn how best to work in order to benefit both.

It’s actually a beginners course I’ve always wanted to see: Learn How to Do It Properly From the Start. If you’re not the sort of person who learns well from The School of View Source, then I think this would be a day well spent. I think it’s going to be perfect for those who have to use HTML as part of their job (like site managers, content editors or even clients!) as well as those wanting to take some initial steps into building for the web.

We’ve scheduled the first one back to back with our CSS beginners course next month, and are offering a good discount to those who book on both days.

Update: we’ve got a final few places left if you’re quick.