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LUGRadio Live 2005

Later this month, I’ll be engaging geek mode and heading up to Wolverhampton to attend LUGRadio Live 2005. For the uninitiated (and frankly, that’s going to be most of you), LUGRadio is a UK-based podcast on the subject of Linux, OSS and related issues, created by a Linux User Group (LUG). As the name suggests, LUGRadio Live is a chance for interested parties to gather, learn, discuss and drink beer. But mostly drink beer.

I’ll be presenting a quick-fire talkette on “How to make sure your OSS website isn’t crap” or something to that effect. Nicely sidestepping having to talk about linux, you’ll note. Stick to what you know, I say. Other speakers include The Willison, Ian Bell co-author of classic computer game Elite, my very favorite BBC technology essayist Bill Thompson, and a whole host of individuals who you’ll know more for their excellent work than their names.

Tickets are available in advance or on the door for a ferociously reasonable five of your very best English pounds. All that remains to be seen is if I get lynched for giving a presentation with a Powerbook…